Boot Camp Testimonials
Gretchen in AZ

I signed up for my first session of CPBC in February 2009, thinking I would do just one session. On the first day when Shannon said we'd start by running a lap I was sure I'd die. Yet, as those first weeks passed I realized I was able to do more and more and soemthing in me clicked. I figured I'd try another session, then another and another; every session was a new challenge. All the while I was noticing subtle little differences here and there. A new dress size here and a compliment there continued to propel me to finish off the year. I decided to continue my three times a week in 2010 as well. Recently, I had the opportunity to review some pictures from before I started CPBC and more current pcitures and was actually so surprised to see the results as clearly as I did. CPBC really does work if you do your part and let it work. It's truly addicting to look and feel so much better session after session. I heart CPBC!

Gretchen in AZ!


Paul Moran combines all the attributes of an outstanding Martial Artist & Athlete. His indomitable spirit, attentiveness, and positive work ethic make him a pleasure to instruct -- In the four months I have been instructing him in Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu he has captured both fundementals and nuances of the sport with an uncanny ability to absorb the details and yet keep a big picture perspective. He has also become a mentor to many fellow students --always eager to share knowledge and provide a good word of praise.

Prof. Ted Stickel GB-2Nd Degree Black Belt


I've had the pleasure to know Paul Moran for close to four years -- a wonderful father, friend, and a great athlete --- Champion wrestler, Karate champion, Gracie JiuJitsu practitioner --an overall excellent instructor who has maintained his athleticism through consistency, his knowledge of nutrition, and his practical use of bio-mechanics. He has been an instrumental component of what makes Gracie Barra - Katy-- Westside Mixed Martial Arts a World-Class MMA Academy.

WSMMA -CE Chris Mango 2X Pan American BJJ Gold Medalist / Grapplers Quest Gold Medalist


Paul is a first class friend and a remarkable athlete. I have been training with him for the past four years at a professional level and he is nothing short of an inspiration. His positive attitude, patience, ability to motivate are just some of his attributes when it comes to training smart on a consistent basis. As a dedicated martial artist who has been training in multiple disciplines for the past eighteen years I have had many partners. Paul Moran is one of the best and knows how to stimulate one's desire to reach the next level. This ability will become very evident to all the Code Pink Boot Camp students who train under Paul from day #1

WSMMA -CE Rick Mango


Paul Moran is a loyal friend, hardworking, has a great personality, and is a phenomonal athlete. Paul has an excellent Martial Arts background & training experience-- he keeps up with all the new innovations that have taken getting in shape to new highs. Add all this with his practical teaching skills and ability to motivate and you have all the ingredients of a great Code Pink Boot Camp experience.

Alex Cisne - Head MMA Coach - WSMMA 4X US National San Shou Kick Boxing Champion / MMA Welterweight Champion


My friends would always try to get me to go to the gym but my answer would always be "no thanks." I hated everything about it and thought it was a waste of my time. Then a friend told me about an outdoor boot camp so I decided to try it. WOW! I love everything about Code Pink! It's challenging but yet do-able. Everyday is something different so I don't get tired of the same routine. And best of all we do weights and cardio so it becomes an all around workout. My stomach and thighs have visibly shrunk. My butt is much firmer. . . no more jiggles. Even my arms look better in tank tops.

After being a heavy smoker for ten years. . . I decided to really challenge myself and quit. With the help of Christina's boot camp motivating me, and now one month smoke free, I have lost 7 pounds and feel like I can accomplish ANYTHING!

Sanaz Ikani